Opera Skybasert Hotellsystem - Opera Cloud PMS


Sunfield Consulting AS er autorisert forhandler av Oracle sitt nye skybaserte hotellsystem, "Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Property Management".

Sammen med Oracle tilbyr vi ett skybasert hotellsystem bygget på det mange anser som en bransjestandard, Opera v5.

Opera Cloud PMS bygger på en webbasert plattform, med mobil effektivitet og åpne integrasjoner mot andre systemer.

Hvorfor skal man velge Opera Cloud PMS ? Se under !

  • Exceptional guest experiences 

    Create unique guest profilles to deliver one-of-a-kind personalized experiences and win customer loyalty.

  • Flexible mobile capabilities

    Untether staff from the front desk to serve guests anywhere, anytime — and transform housekeeping and maintenance operations with real-time updates

  • Faster innovation

    Capitalize on the power of cloud — with its centralized control and continuous updates — to accelerate innovation and set up new properties faster

  • Greater occupancy and revenue

    Manage room inventory and pricing across distribution channels with real-time data and improved visibility to seize revenue opportunities.

  • IT simplicity and lower costs

    Eliminate the need for on premise servers, local maintenance and software upgrades by shifting IT “above the property.”

  • Improved operational effiency

    Standardize operations and streamline collaboration across departments with a centralized cloud platform.

  • Greater productivity

    Rely on Oracle certified personnel to resolve IT issues and let staff focus on what matters most — taking care of guests

  • True partnership

    Tap into the expertise and unmatched R&D resources of Oracle Hospitality, combining Oracle’s hardware and software innovations and MICROS’ over 40 years of industry leadership.

  • Global platform

    Customize operations with 20 different languages and meet fiscal compliance requirements in more than over 200 countries

  • Enhanced security

    Gain peace of mind with multilayer security, protecting data, transactions, application and infrastructure – and compliance with payment and data privacy standards.